A fiert gelatina intr-un ibric dupa care si-a turnat-o pe toata pe fata. Dupa 10 minute, cand s-a intarit, s-a apucat sa traga de ea. Ce s-a intamplat

Clipul de mai jos a ajuns viral pe Instagram si a strans pana acum peste 6.6 milioane de vizualizari.


Ai pielea uscata si usor iritabila si nicio crema sau tratament cumparat din farmacie nu a functionat pana acum? Poti incerca trucul urmator, care este foarte ieftin si eficient.

Ai nevoie de doua cani de apa, doua pliculete de ceai (la libera alegere), doua linguri de pudra de agar (o gelatina din alge). Puneti apa la fiert, iar cand aceasta clocoteste adaugati si celalalte ingrediente si amestecati pana cand remarcati ca vascozitatea lichidului creste.

Ulterior asteptati sa se raceasca si aplicati masca rezultata pe fata, turnand lichid din abundenta. Dupa 10 minute, cand aceasta se va intari, o puteti indeparta de pe ten, cu o singura miscare.

Rezultatul il veti remarca imediat: tenul va fi mult mai luminos, mai stralucitor si placut la atingere.

⚡️⚡️HOW TO GET AN INSTANT GLOW! ⚡️⚡️ ⁉️is your skin dull and dry and in need of some major GLOW? This mask is perfect for instant glow and anti aging to get youthful skin and it's fun! This mask idea is inspired by korean skincare modeling masks, which are applied to your entire face and neck (including your eyes) soooo its best to do this with a friend 🙂 side note: please ignore the pimple on my cheek… cant diy 🔴mother natures monthly visit out of my life (although this mask did sooth my lil pimp and make it chill on the redness) 🌝ALL YOU NEED: ✅2 cups water – boil ✅2 tea bags of your choice – I chose hibiscus (you should too. ill tell you why later) – steep ✅2 tbs agar agar -whisk while water is boiling.. once it bubbles like lava its done ⛄️Let cool slightly and apply thick layer to entire face 💨let it dry completely (takes about 10 minutes) 🍌Peel the mask off in oneeeee swift motion. I like going top down but you can peel it off however you want. live your life. (no it doesnt pull your hair, brows, lashes because your skin is so juicy and hydrated it just slides off. it peels off as smooth as butta) 💯WHY YOU NEED TO DO THIS MASK:💯 ✅AGAR AGAR – this is what makes the mask mold to your face shape and it pretty much locks the ingredients into your skin so it forces the goodies into your skin without letting anything evaporate or escape ✅HIBISCUS TEA – extremely rich in anti-oxidants which help reduce the appearance of large pores, sooth inflamed skin (acne or redness), make your skin look extremely smooth like a babies butt helps to give you an even skin tone increases skin elasticity to make you look young prevents aging firms and lifts your skin instantly injects your skin with moisture (which is why my skin looked juicy asf) gently exfoliates your skin because of its natural acids to make it look glowy also combats acne and prevents breakouts (which i needddddd) 🌞DO THIS WHENEVER U WANT A GLOW!🌞 💸MASK COST: less than 5 dollars per use. winning. all day. ❤️SHARING IS CARING! TAG a friend who could use this and LIKE this video!! help a sistaaa out 👍🏾👇🏽👇🏽Disclaimer: always do a test patch first

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